Award winners rely on FRIDURIT fume scrubber C20

German Innovation Award for modular plant for the extraction of retanning agents from leather residues

LANXESS, the specialty chemicals company, has been honored with the 2017 German Innovation Award for Climate and the Environment in the category “Environmentally-friendly products and services” for an innovative technology developed for the recycling of residues from the leather manufacturing process. Under the title “Resource-efficient production of leather chemicals” (ReeL), the specialty chemicals company collaborated with the research institute INVITE from Leverkusen on the realization of a concept for a modular plant for the production of a retanning agent with the brand name “X-Biomer” from leather offcuts, trimmings and shavings, up until now generally a waste product for disposal, and plant-based biomass. The innovative plant can be operated on-site in tanneries. The FRIDURIT fume scrubber C20 reliably absorbs ammonia and acrylic acid from the exhaust air which are formed during the process.

Below you find further information about the project:
Press release
Award ceremony

Technical details about the FRIDURIT fume scrubber C20 are available here.