FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT Rapid Prototyping

FRIATEC is speeding up product development

FRIATEC Rapid Prototyping FRIATEC AG specialises in ceramic high-performance materials. Starting this year, prototypes made of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT High-Performance Ceramics are being produced with just 2 weeks delivery time.

FRIATEC uses a single-stage manufacturing method with CAD/CAM construction that is completely different to additive manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing, and offers significant advantages: the prototype is produced from the sintered raw part using CNC hard machining within a very short time. Thus, material qualities of the prototypes correspond 100% to the quality of the serial; impressive tolerance classes and surface qualities can also be achieved. The method allows highest geometrical flexibility in component design and guarantees fast product development from the idea to efficient serial production.

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