New ceramic high-temperature material meets extreme requirements

Crucible made of DEGUSSIT ZR25 FRIATEC AG has more than 150 years’ experience in the manufacture of ceramic components for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and high-temperature technology. The company’s trade mark FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT High-Performance Ceramics provides a variety of special solutions that meet customer requirements. The continual improvement of materials enabled the development of a new and innovative material: DEGUSSIT ZR25 combines exceptional thermal shock resistance with excellent thermal insulation in one material. This combination of properties is remarkable, classifying DEGUSSIT ZR25 as a unique insulation material for high-temperature processes up to 2,300°C.

DEGUSSIT ZR25 is a special material and therefore suitable for specific applications with highest requirements such as plates or slides in the steel industry, crucibles for inductive melting of precious metals or furnace components exposed to heavy loads.

FRIATEC has successfully developed a material that exhibits exceptional insulating properties and high thermal shock resistance. This was achieved by specific adjustment of the microstructure and partial suppression of the phase transformation. The porous structure of DEGUSSIT ZR25 with open porosity of approx. 20 % allows thermal conductivity to be significantly below 2.5 W/m*K. Careful preparation of the raw material and a defined mixture of coarse and fine grain fractions produces a material that shows no visible damage after 30 cycles at 900°C and subsequent cold water quenching in accordance with DIN 51068.

DEGUSSIT ZR25 is very well suited for complex components using isostatic or conventional presses to meet customer requirements. The components are easy to machine using CNC machines. This allows the manufacture of not only plates and beams but also more complex components such as crucibles, tubes or slides. When required, surface qualities of Ra < 3.8 µm can be achieved without being affected by the coarse grain structure.

Further technical information is available here.

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