The conical ring coupler as problem solver in Sweden

KeilmuffeConical ring coupler d 450 installed in Helsingborg, Sweden!
Retrofitting two shut-off valves was not a simple task when the whole water supply had to be shut down for as short a time as possible.
The client, a cleaning company servicing carriages for the Swedish railways, can do without water for a few hours only.
Consequently, the work needed had to be done at night.
The pipe that had to be cut was a d 450 SDR17 HD-PE section operating under a pressure of 6 bar. 
After many years in service, the pipe had expanded to an outer diameter of about 456 mm.
A standard d 450 coupling was therefore inadequate for the new connection. The d 450 conical ring coupler, on the other hand, adjusts smoothly to a pipe up to d 458 within its clamping range. Also ovalities up to 2% can be bridged easily without the need for re-rounding clamps. This end-to-end package finds its perfect complement in the simple, fast installation and extremely short fusion times thanks to the minimised gap between the coupler and the pipe.
The work was scheduled and performed to military precision, true to the motto “Plan your work and work your plan”.
The pipe could resume operations in the early hours of the following morning.