FRIALOC PE shut-off valve

The missing link in your PE piping network:

FRIALOC - the PE shut-off valve

- Dimensions: d 90 to d 225, PE100 SDR 11
- Allowable operating pressure for water PFA 16 bar.

Homogeneous PE pipe network

Pipe and valve form a unit - without flanches, without gaskets, without transition fittings. Corrosions and incrustrations are permanently prevented. In short: long-lasting, safe, economical!

Two-valve system

The completely new shut-off mechanism is optimally matched to the PE housing. The shut-off valve and the sealing geometry flexibly adapt to all operating conditions

Optimal gasket

The minimum sealing area reduces biological growth. The gasket completely surrounds the valves and is permanently not detachable.

Robust drive

Metal stops indicate the opened or closed position. The drive consists of corrosion- and wear-resistant metal components. Little force and a few turns are required for operating it.

Full-port passage

In the opened position the shut-off mechanism is located external to the pipe cross-section and guarantees full-port passage and thus optimal flow conditions.

Development test

The valve was tested far beyond the known standard requirements. For example, the safe and robust design was shown with a dynamic test under full differential pressure and maximum flow.

Individual component testing

Each FRIALOC PE shut-off valve is tested in a special testing unit after final assembly. The test values are archived and the traceability barcode label documents the proper testing.