Flexible pipe connections for specific requirements:


We supply a comprehensive range of mechanical pipe connections which are adapted perfectly to their area of application.


FRIACLAMP repair clamps

FRIACLAMP stainless steel repair clamps are suitable for the repair of pipes made of steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement and PVC. Due to its specific design, FRIACLAMP can be used under difficult environmental conditions and allows an easy and time saving installation. The unique locking mechanism ensures a safe sealing even on rough and corroded pipe surfaces.

Ultra Range


The flexible Ultra-Range product line is predestined for the repair of fibre cement pipes. The patented seal bridges a diameter range of up to 34 mm and thus may also be used for steel, cast iron, ductile iron, PVC* and HD-PE/PEX*.

  • Maximum angular deflection: 8°
  • Dimension range DN 50 to DN 300
  • Available as coupling and flange adaptor

* SHVA support liners are required with HD-PE/PEX and thin-walled PVC pipes.



The Wide-Range gasket offers a diameter tolerance of up to 17mm and is suitable for the same pipe materials as Ultra-Range.

  • Maximum angular deflection: 6°
  • Dimension range DN 50 to DN 700
  • Available as coupling, reducing coupling and flange adaptor
Standard Range


Standard-Range products are manufactured individually according to specific project requirements. The dimension range is DN 50 to DN 1500 or even bigger. The gasket will be dedicated to the specific pipe outside diameter with a tolerances of up to +/- 2 mm.



The AQUAFAST range is used for the restraint repair of water pipes made from PVC or HD-PE/PEX, where electrofusion can’t be carried out due to water leaks or other peculiarities. Support liners are not required due to the unique compression mechanism with defined pre-tension of the double O ring seal.

  • Dimension range d 63 to d 315
  • Available as slip-over-coupling and flange adapter
  • Coupling as slide-on coupling, flange adapter may be used in connection with blind flange as tool for pressure tests.