Unique gripping system for all pipe materials:


A large number of different pipe materials with varying external diameters has been employed over decades for water and gas pipe schemes. The specific challenge for the connection technology is to cover the spectre of pipework as economically as possible and to provide maximum safety for any application imaginable. The FRIAGRIP range is available from DN 32 up to DN 600.

One system for all materials!

Unique gripping system for all pipe materials!

FRIAGRIP provides a universal sealing and gripping system for restraint pipe connections, for any pipe material and diameter. FRIAGRIP enables repairs or connections of pipes made from steel, cast iron, ductile iron, fibre cement*, PVC and HD-PE/PEX**. A diameter range of up to 54 mm can be maximumly covered by the gasket. FRIAGRIP components allow you to be always prepared for any eventuality. Also, stock levels can be considerably reduced.

* Gripping function on fibre cement pipes cannot be guaranteed.
** SHVA support liners are required with HD-PE/PEX and thin-walled PVC pipes.
Uniform torque, tension proof connection!

Same torque for all pipe materials!

One essential handling advantage of FRIAGRIP products is the equal torque for all pipe materials which is indicated on every product in order to increase safety in processing. In addition, due to the restraint design of the components, thrust blocks are not required.

One system for all applications!

Unique system for any application!

The FRIAGRIP product range offers the complete choice of universally applicable fittings for restraint connections or repairs: couplings, reducing couplings, flange adaptors, PE adaptors and end caps.