Strong Arguments

Strong arguments

for the right decision

A material which convinces completely: HD-PE

  • useful life of over 100 years forecast according to DIN 8074
  • excellent resistance to aggressive media
  • high abrasion resistance to debris movement and high pressure rinsing
  • low surface roughness prevents deposits and encrustations
  • the elasticity of the pipe system allows absorption of peak loads and ground movement
  • material rupture is excluded
  • ideal handling on construction sites due to low weight
  • excellent fusibility

The jointing technology which is really convincing: electrofusion

The superior electrofusion technology joins HD-PE pipes permanently and longitudinally strong: pipe and FRIAFIT coupler make one inseparable unit. This way water is prevented from entering or leaking out, and the in-growing of roots is prevented. A HD-PE pipe systems using FRIAFIT fittings is the right decision for efficient and safe operation and against an early need for rehabilitation.