Moulded parts

Simple handling, perfect joints:

FRIAFIT moulded parts


FRIAFIT-couplers, -sewage saddles, -bends and transition fittings are perfectly matched and allow an easy and safe handling in every situation.

FRIAFIT AM couplers

FRIAFIT AM couplers

FRIAFIT couplers provide a lasting connection for pipe systems made from HD-PE which is tight and longitudinally strong. Due to the superior electrofusion technology pipe and coupler become an inseparable unit giving in-growing roots no chance at all.

  • designed as slide-over coupler without centre stop for equally bottom levelled pipe connections without coupler gap
  • external reinforcement on large couplers for stability and optimum molten pressure during fusion
  • low weight even with larger dimensions
FRIAFIT ASA-TL top loading

The FRIAFIT ASA-TL top loading sewage saddle

The FRIAFIT sewage saddle serves for the connection of sewage service pipes to HD-PE waste water drains in new installations, rehabilitation or subsequent integration. The sewage saddle is a compact construction part made from HD-PE, consisting of a weld-on saddle with an integrated fusion coupler in the outlet. Assembly is simple: the saddle is fixed to the pipe by means of the FWFIT clamping and tapping unit from the FRIATOOL range and tapped after the fusion process.

  • little space requirement in pipe trench
  • separating of pipe not necessary
  • Direct integration of connecting pipe - without misalignment or flow obstacles.
FRIAFIT Transition Saddle Top-Loading (ASA-TL/KG)

The FRIAFIT Transition Saddle Top-Loading (ASA-TL/KG)

For new installations, refurbishments and later connections, the FRIAFIT transition saddle ASA-TL/KG offers direct transitions of HD-PE sewers d 225 to d 560 to house connection pipings made of PVC/PP using the integrated plug-in sleeve DN 150. The plug-in sleeve has a SBR lip seal and a large insertion depth for a secure guiding of the pipe. The transition saddle is processed analogue to the above mentioned sewage saddle ASA-TL.

  • little space required in the pipe trench
  • the sewer pipe must not be cut
  • direct installation of the connecting pipe without interfering displacement


The FRIAFIT bends ABM and ABMS d 160/DN 150 with integrated heating coils are used for change of direction in sewage and rainwater connection lines made of HD-PE. The bends are available in two different types: The type ABM is equipped with two fusion couplers, the type ABMS with a fusion coupler and a pipe spigot. The FRIAFIT bend ABMS with pipe spigot can e.g. be directly fused to the outlet of the sewage saddle ASA-TL. Both types are available in the dimensions d 160 and the angles 15░, 30░ as well as 45░. Changes of direction at HD-PE house connection pipes can thus be implemented easily, quickly and permanently in a leak-proof way.

  • little space required thanks to compact design
  • reduction of the installation time thanks to integrated fusion couplers
  • different angle types or combination uses facilitate a comfortable routing of the house connection pipe where space is at a premium
  • the bright interior surface of the fitting offers in addition optimal visibility during camera inspection
  • the smooth, hydraulically optimised internal contour guarantees a level passage when pipes SDR 17/17.6 are used
FRIAFIT transition fittings (UKG and USTZ)

FRIAFIT transition fittings (UKG and USTZ)

FRIAFIT transition fittings serve continuous material transition from HD-PE pipes SDR 33 to SDR 17 to PVC/PP pipes or stoneware pipes. The spigot end can be fused to FRIAFIT coupler or to the outlet of the FRIAFIT sewage saddle.
  • continuos material transition in application with HD-PE pipe SDR 33 to SDR 17
  • on the Plug-in side with integrated SBR-sealing-lip for PVC/PP pipe or stoneware pipe.
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