Inspection chamber connection

The perfect double:

FRIAFIT Inspection chamber connection


FRIAFIT inspection chamber connections consist of two components: the sewage inspection chamber adapter and the sewage insert sleeve. Adjusted perfectly to the different properties of concrete and HD-PE, they provide, until d 630, optimum connection to the inspection chamber.

FRIAFIT ASF sewage inspection chamber adapter

FRIAFIT ASF sewage inspection chamber adapter

The FRIAFIT sewage inspection chamber adapter has usually been anchored tightly in the inspection chamber by the concrete factory. Anchoring girders with T profiles provide this. Only on the construction site the sewage insert sleeve is inserted.

  • width of component and HD-PE/concrete connection correspond to DIN V 4034-1
  • elastic centre piece to compensate stress caused by setting of inspection chamber as well as thermal expansion
  • stable internal diameter due to large wall thickness
  • also available longer length (ASFL) for subsequent integration in bricks chamber
The AEM FRIAFIT sewage insert sleeve

The AEM FRIAFIT sewage insert sleeve

The FRIAFIT sewage insert sleeve provides a flexible connection due to its two elastomeric sealing rings as well as water absorbent sealing ring. Connection with HD-PE pipe is achieved by electrofusion with FRIAFIT couplers.

  • the inspection chamber remains free from axial pipe stress due to the push-fit joint between chamber adapter and insert sleeve
  • double elastomeric sealing allows flexible joint to chamber adapter
  • water absorbent sealing ring provides additional safety