neutralisation unit

Neutralisation of waste-water directly at the source of emission

Decentralised neutralisation of laboratory waste-water

The FRIDURIT neutralisation unit C100 neutralises all kinds of acidic and alkaline laboratory waste-water. The compact and proven unit is fully automatic and almost maintenance-free. It is silent and can easily be fitted in laboratory fume cupboards or under tables.

  • EMC shielded
  • user-friendly, menu driven control
  • easy to read display
  • hard-wearing film keyboard
  • service-friendly due to inspection openings and infra-red connection to exchange relevant data for maintenance
For service and maintenance you may rely on our experienced service partners.

If no central unit is available for the chemically contaminated waste-water from a fume scrubber, the FRIDURIT neutralisation unit will take on this task. Please find below an installation example (not all items shown are part of our scope of supply):