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Decentralised air pollution control

Decentralised exhaust air treatment

Problems don’t dissolve into thin air? We say they do and we prove it with our products for exhaust air treatment.

You are aware of your responsibility for staff, buildings and the environment. You can delegate it – we are happy to take it on.

  • You work according to current norms and regulations
  • You protect your staff by extraction and cleaning of pollutants
  • You contribute to protect the building – from the exhaust pipe system to the roof

With us, you can meet the requirements.

Achieve optimum results which are proven in tests to have high absorption efficiency and to be economical in operation.

We offer you:

For service and maintenance you may rely on our experienced service partners.

Please find below an installation example of a built-in unit with neutralisation unit (not all items shown are part of our scope of supply):

Council Regulation on evaporation coolers, cooling towers and wet separators (42. BImSchV) provides, that samples of the scrubbling liquid must be taken and analyzed regularly, for recognizing a harmful concentration of Legionellae at an early stage. For supporting the compliance of this Federal Emissions Control Regulation, a simple sampling can be carried out at all of our models. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.