fume scrubbers

Fully-automatic cleaning of acidic exhaust air from
laboratory fume cupboards and industrial processes.

Fume scrubbers for exhaust air treatment

FRIDURIT fume scrubbers absorb aggressive and toxic gases and vapours, such as perchloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulphuric acid, hydrogen chloride and nitric acid and the vapours of such mixtures as aqua regia immediately after they are formed. They thus make an active contribution to the reduction of atmospheric Pollution.

Application examples of FRIDURIT Fume Scrubbers:

  • Laboratory: exhaust air treatment from fume hoods
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Production of float glass and glass processing
  • Quality Management
  • Research and development

Characteristics of FRIDURIT fume scrubbers:

  • Fully-automatic waste air treatment based on advanced technology
  • High absorption efficiency up to 97% but economical operation
  • Minimum space required thanks to compact design
  • Supply ready for use and flexible accessories reduce mounting work
  • Low-service design minimises standstill periods and expenses
  • Service partners both at home and abroad provide support for any maintenance needed

FRIDURIT fume scrubbers are available in four versions:

Built-in versions can, for example, be easily integrated in laboratory fume cupboards.
In case of low ceilings or when conecting several sources of emission there are versions available that can be installed as free-standing units.

If no central unit is available for the chemically contaminated waste-water from the fume scrubber, the FRIDURIT neutralisation unit will take on this task. Please find below an installation example (not all items shown are part of our scope of supply):