About Friatec

FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials. We develop innovative solutions for the global market in dialogue with our customers.

Welcome to FRIATEC

Innovations for more than 150 years
The company was founded in 1863 in Mannheim, Germany, as a brickyard and succeeded in developing its first pathbreaking innovation, chemical stoneware, in 1888. Numerous new developments followed. Among other things, the company started in the mid of the past century processing plastics and combined modern and traditional materials when producing chemical devices and facilities.

The following years were characterised by the expansion in the core business and the opening up of more and more new business segments. As Deutsche Steinzeug and later as Friedrichsfeld GmbH, the company, which has been operating under the name FRIATEC since 1993, continuously developed to become an internationally active, diversified company.

Spectrum of innovative solutions
As such, FRIATEC today offers a spectrum of innovative solutions for many industries, e.g. jointing technology for pipe systems and ceramic components which are used in laboratory and electrical engineering but also in medical engineering. With its sophisticated solutions, FRIATEC is not only among the most well-known and well-established companies in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar but is also one of the global market leaders of its industry.

Partner of a powerful community
Since 2003, FRIATEC has been a member of the Aliaxis group of companies with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Aliaxis is the worldwide largest producer of plastic pipe systems for the construction industry, the industry and utilities.