Employee & Training

Working for FRIATEC

More than 1.000 people are working for FRIATEC worldwide. The essential requirement for the competitive position of FRIATEC are the highly involved employees. Motivation is the basic for innovative technology and good service.

The qualified training of young people means more to FRIATEC than a mere socio-political obligation. Especially in times of increasing higher skill shortages, we ensure by comprehensive training measures that we always have qualified personnel.

FRIATEC offers qualified vocational training for alumni in the industrial, technical and commercial area. As partner of the “Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim”, FRIATEC also offers practice-oriented study programmes.

Far-reaching: further training

Be it changes in international markets, different statutory provisions or new customer requirements, challenges like these can only be successfully dealt with at FRIATEC if our employees are prepared to learn a lot of new things. We support them in this learning with a broad range of further training options and honour their commitment correspondingly.